Thursday, July 31, 2014
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Barlick Fell Runners - Reports

The Champagne League is a series of 10 races taking place between March & July over the roads and country of East Yorkshire. The race last night was 4.3 miles / 6.92 kilometres. It was mainly on road with a little bit of off road towards the end and it attracted 117 runners.

Michael Alexander took part and had a good run to finish in 51st position in a time of 29:48.

He was pleased with his run and very impressed with the organisation of the race


Jimmy Craig - 1st Place Jimmy Craig - 1st Place

Jimmy Craig was the overall race winner.  This is his first 10K win and a PB of 33:44.  This throws the championship wide open.  If Jimmy can win the last two races in the series, he will be champion.  If he loses only one of them to Marc Hartley, then Marc will be champion.  This series looks like it is going down to the wire.

Despite coming second in the ladies race, Sarah Tipler still leads the ladies table, which after this race has five Barlick members in the top ten. 

1 Jimmy Craig 33:44 PB
9 Andy Berry 38:05 PB
15 Andrew Carson 38:47
27 Sarah Tipler 40:07 (2nd lady)
46 Derek Walkden 42:48
50 Chris Smedley 43:15
54 Steven Preston 43:35
58 John Boothman 44:25
82 Paul Fryers 47:56 PB
88 Michael Alexander 48:27
93 Jennifer Hird 48:48 PB
94 Emma Bailey 48:59 PB
104 Rachel Lowther 50:08
108 Jean Rawlinson 50:58
113 Gary Parkinson 51:51
115 Lucy Beresford 52:59
118 James Stead 53:35 PB

Matt Lalor won his 5th race on the bounce in a Barlick vest at this event, recording a time of 15:51 and winning comfortably.

22 Lorna HARGREAVES 25:50

12 Nick Treitl 17:56

Harley Treitl absolutely flying at this race Harley Treitl absolutely flying at this race Woodentops

Young Harley Treitl was out on the fells today finishing the U9 race in 11th place in a time of 3:46.  He was very enthusiastic and nearly jumped out of shot of Dave Woodhead's camera.

In the senior race, Andrew Driver finished a crowded week's racing by finishing in 11th position, in a time of 26:27, with Lee Edwards finishing in 31st position in a time of 31:17.


Just two Barlickers at this race.  Their positions and times were as follows:

53 John Boothman 68:15
54 Glenn Whittaker 68:20

Earlier this year, John Boothman entered this race and not being one for wasting a paid entry, he turned up and took part in his fourth race this week (after Widdop, Eshton & Ingleborough) and prepared for it by attending a wedding do last night.  Taking all of that into account, his time of 46:24 was not too bad, finishing in 523rd position out of 7,065 finishers.

Sam Wadswortth Sam Wadswortth Woodentops

Bingley Harriers had designed a brand new course for this race, but sadly on the day, it turned into a bit of a shambles due to horses on the course.  The first problem occurred with horses after the first two runners had past a group of horses, when one of the riders lost control of her horse and it started rearing.  Then to make matters worse, further on the course, there was a group of horses with someone leading them and they refused to let the runners past as they said one of the horse was injured and did not want to disturb it and apart from the leaders, this backed up everyone in the race.  They reached some stables and everyone thought that she would take her horse into the yard out of the way to let the runners past, but when she did not do so, against her protestations, the runners went past anyway.  However, by this time, the race, as a race was over as the leaders were completely out of sight.

The winner was Frank Beresford of Otley in 41:08 with Tim Midgley of Bingley in 2nd place in 41:18.  Gavin Lund of Ilkley was one of those caught up in the horse shambles and he finished in 4th place in 43:28.  Had it not been for the horses, he might have been pushing the leaders.

Sam Wadsworth finished in 6th place in 48:38.  The delays probably did not make a great deal of difference to his race position, as he was still suffering from the effects of the Saunders last week.

31 Daniel CHEW 23:13 new PB

10 Rachel LOWTHER 23:44 new PB
11 Emma BAILEY 23:45

This is a low key out and back cross country race, in a beautiful setting and organised by John Thompson.

It is principally a race for Wharfedale members, with a few outsiders making up the numbers.  The race was won by Sam Haggar of Wharfedale in 35:35.

The three Barlickers who turned up finished as follows:

20 John Boothman 43:36
21 Dave Halliday 43:39
25 Glenn Whittaker 46:09

This took place at Lytham St Annes and Lucas Payne gave it a go.  He finished in 11th place, in a time of 1:23:48, out of 481 finishers

There was a good turnout of Barlickers at this race, including quite a few of our girls.  Andy Berry just managed to keep his nose in front of  Screw to lead the Barlickers home.  Lorraine Slater was our first lady back and first V40 overall.  Sarah Tipler suffered a bad sprain to her right ankle, but luckily the club doctor was on hand to administer an ice pack.  

Everyone finished as follows:

14 Andy Berry 58:27
15 Andy Driver 58:33
41 Stuart Bryan 1:06:17
42 John Boothman 1:06:39
43 David Halliday 1:06:49
47 Glenn Whittaker 1:08:48
54 Des Walkden 1:09:59
67 Lorraine Slater 1:10:59 (5th female & 1st FV40)
84 Rachel Lowther 1:15:29 (8th female)
88 Jean Rawlinson 1:17:25
89 Jen Hird 1:17:26
101 Leanne Dinsdale 1:23:29
102 Sarah Tipler 1:23:39 (injured)
109 Emma Bailey 1:32:04
DNF!!!! = Peter "Massive" Jackson (After only 100 yards!)

Jennifer Hird Jennifer Hird Lynne Ainsworth

Report of the day by Stephen Chew

1 Marc Hartley 38:40
2 Jimmy Craig 39:09
3 Nick Treitl 40:30
15 Andy Berry 44:24
17 Andrew Driver 44:38
31 Sarah Tipler 47:05 (1st lady)
33 James Tingle 47:12
44 Andrew Chew 48:47
48 Chris Smedley 49:16
67 Lorraine Slater 51:54
95 Richard Starkie 55:43
99 Jennifer Hird 56:01
105 Jean Rawlinson 57:11
109 Lucy Beresford 59:02
111 Emma Bailey 59:29
112 Leanne Dinsdale 59:44

Sam Wadsworth & Kirsty Hall entered this event in the Harter Fell Class.  At the overnight stop, they were in 5th position and 2nd mixed team.  However, on the second day, they were the 2nd fastest team and made up a few places to finish in 3rd place overall and 2nd mixed team.  The winning man and daughter team of Fiona and Nigel Bunn were quite awesome and finished 1hr 20 min in front of the rest of the pack.  The leading times were:

Pos Names Cat Day One Pos Day Two Pos Total
1 Fiona Bunn & Nigel Bunn MIX 3:32:03 1 3:08:17 1  6:40:20
2 Andrew Powell & Rhys Manning M 4:37:35 2 3:23:32 3  8:01:07
3 Sam Wadsworth & Kirsty Hall MIX 4:50:42 5 3:17:30 2  8:08:12

139 teams set off on the 1st day and of those, only 106 completed the event.

Race Report by Sam Wadsworth

Andrew Driver Andrew Driver Woodentops

Another Top Ten Finish for Screw

There used to be a race associated with Addigham Gala going up Addingham Moorside, but the building of the by-pass put an end to it.  Ilkley Harriers have now put on a new race going up to the summit of Beamsley Beacon and is growing in popularity every year.  This year, two Barlickers turned out, Andrew Driver and Pete Beresford.  Pictures of both, courtesy of Woodentops are above.

The race was won by Simon Pass of Saltaire Striders in 43:41.

7 Andrew Driver 47:04
30 Pete Beresford 58:12

16 John Boothman 22:20
27 Emma Bailey 23:54
71 Jenna Boothman 30:25
79 Gary Bailey 32:40