Friday, August 26, 2016
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Barlick Fell Runners - Reports


4 Carl Pawson 26:27
10 Scott McCredie 29.29


2 Logan McCredie 6.26
4 George Fitzpatrick 6:45
6 Lucille Pickles  7:06 (1st girl)
8 Chloe Boothman 7:22 (2nd girl)
12 Bella McCredie 8:21 (5th girl)


14 Jenna Boothman 8:48 (5th girl)


8 Emma Wilkinson 14:35 (4th girl)
9 Maisie Dykes 17:21 (5th girl)

A few U9 juniors went up to Cray for this race.  It was another comfortable win for Jacob Reeday.


1 Jacob Reeday 4:46
3 George Fitzpatrick 7:02
4 Isaac Reeday 7:19
6 Summer Fitzpatrick (2nd girl) 

Virgil Barton on his second race of the day Virgil Barton on his second race of the day Woodentops

Running in his back yard, this race was once more won by Ted Mason.  The Barlickers, some of whom were running their second race of the day finished as follows:

16 Richard Lowther 19.26
22 Virgil Barton 20.14 (Pendle earlier)
34 Scott McCredie 21.25 (Gargrave earlier)
35 John Boothman 21.30 (Pendle earlier)
66 Hannah Watson 25.07

The juniors finished as follows:

U 8 boys
2nd George Fitzpatrick
4th Daniel Hood

U8 Girls
3 Summer Fitzpatrick

U10 Boys
7 Logan McCredie

U10 Girls

2 Lucille Pickles
3 Elle Honeyman
4 Clover Edwards
5 Chloe Boothman
7 Charlotte Porter

U12 Boys

5 Elliot Phillips
6 Connor Fitzpatrick

U12 Girls

7 Jenna Boothman

Race Winner - Tom Corrigan Race Winner - Tom Corrigan Woodentops

Tom Corrigan continued his fine form by running out the race winner ahead of Will Smith and Craig Shearer.  Jen Hird had a good run to finish 3rd lady.

1 Tom Corrigan 55.57
4 Jullian Hood 58.07
9 Andrew Carson 1.03.34
10 Lee Edwards 1.04.07
32 Jen Hird 1.12.27 (3rd lady)
56 Emma Bailey 1.18.40 (4th LV40)

87 Ran

Hannah Newbold (3rd FU23) Hannah Newbold (3rd FU23) David Belshaw

There was some hot competition in this race, with Sam Tosh taking the honours, closely followed by Simon Bailey.  Rob Hope was third. 

33 Luke Maude 1:25:16
85 Virgil Barton 1:35:31
118 Andy Collins 1:41:41
132 Pete Beresford 1:45:42
143 John Boothman 1:49:27
155 Ian Cock 1:51:54
164 Pete Jackson 1:54:41
168 Dave Halliday 1:55:14
177 Glenn Whittaker 1:57:14
219 Richard Treitl 2:31:38

229 ran.

The ladies' race was won by Sharon Taylor of Helm Hill, with Nichola Jackson  of Preston finishing 2nd.  Hannah Newbold had a good run to finish 3rd FU23

47 Leanne Dinsdale 2:00:15
49 Hannah Newbold 2:01:509 (3rd FU23)
58 Rachel Lowther 2:10:20

There was a good turn out from the Barlickers for this event to support the runners who had done so well in this series.  Barlick were the outright winners in both the male and female categories and our women did remarkably well by taking the first four places in the female tables.  

Success was not just confined to our senior members.  Our junior members also put on a good show winning both U8 categories.

The prize winners were as follows:

1 Julian Hood
5 Andrew Chew
6 David Poole

2 Carl Pawson

1 Sarah Tipler
2 Lorraine Slater
3 Jennifer Hird
4 Angela Donlan

1 Angela Donlan

1 Lorraine Slater

1 Hannah Newbold

1 George Fitzpatrick

3 Logan McCredie

2 Jack Villiers

1 Lucille Pickles
2 Chloe Boothman

3 Edie May Poole

2 Jenna Boothman

12 Rachel Villiers 21:32 New PB
28 Jack Villiers 23:12 New PB
91 Daniel Hood 30:30
92 Julian Hood 30:31
93 Susan Hird 30:33
99 Graham Wadsworth 31:00

1 Matt Lalor 17:11
47 Harley Treitl 23:48 New PB

Only three Barlickers turned out for this race, but Carl Pawson led them home and took the first V40 prize in the process.

19 Carl Pawson 44:28 (1st V40)
26 Andrew Chew 45:41
30 Andrew Driver 46:42

Two Barlick runners took part in this race which covers 14 miles and 6000ft across the Howgills. Unfortunatly Andy Berry suffered from illness mid race which meant he was unable to hold 16th place which he was in up to 9miles.

46 Pete Beresford 3:18:05
76 Andy Berry 3:42:52

The Barlick Juniors at Bouldsworth The Barlick Juniors at Bouldsworth Woodentops

When you look at these results, it is hard to believe that we only set up our junior section this year, with three firsts (Elle Honeyman, Lucille Pickles  & George Fitzpatrick), two seconds (Jack Villiers & Chloe Boothman) and a third (Elliot Phillips).  Full results:


2 Jack Villiers 18:49


3 Elliot Phillips 7:32
14 Jenna Boothman 8:28 (5th girl)
15 Madison Turner 9:15 


6 Logan McCredie 8:14
10 Elle Honeyman 9:00 (1st girl)
13 Clover Edwards 9:19 (4th girl)
17 Edie May Poole 10:02 (8th girl)
19 Fennella Turner 11:11 (10th girl)


1 George Fitzpatrick 4:02
4 Lucille Pickles 4:22 (1st girl)
5 Chloe Boothman (2nd girl)
10 Bella McCredie 4:54 (6th girl)
11 Summer Fitzpatrick 4:57 (7th girl)
16 Emmett Edwards 6:58

Chris Holdsworth of Clayton won this thirteen mile trail race, which is held each year up in the Lake District.  Ben Hoyle was our only representative and he finished in 35th position with a time of 1:45:38.

1st three in the ladies race, Jen Hird (2nd), Sarah Tipler (1st), Angela Donlan (3rd) 1st three in the ladies race, Jen Hird (2nd), Sarah Tipler (1st), Angela Donlan (3rd) Woodentops

More Race Pictures from Woodentops

This year, the race was won by Chris Miller of Harrogate AC in a time of 42:16, setting a new course record.  Julian Hood was second in a time of 43:11 with two more Barlickers finishing in the top ten.

As for the Barlick women, it was a clean sweep for them taking the first three places in the ladies race.  They were led home by Sarah Tipler, who seems to be getting back to her old form following her operation and she was followed home by the ever improving Jen Hird and the "on fire" Angela Donlan.  

2 Julian Hood 43:11
7 Dan Mills 45:07
8 David Poole 46:08
12 Carl Pawson 47:23
13 Andrew Chew 47:29
18 Andrew Carson 49:17
27 Sarah Tipler 50:56 (1st Woman)
38 Jennifer Hird 53:58 (2nd Woman)
49 Angela Donlan 55:23 (3rd Woman, 1st W40))
86 Heather Driver 61:40
96 Hannah Newbold 62:47
106 Richard Treitl 67:39
114 Katie Towers 72:40

U9 Race Winner - Jacob Reeday U9 Race Winner - Jacob Reeday Woodentops

4 Jimmy Craig
22 James Fent 14:24
23 Nicolas Kendall 14:28

12 Harley Treitl 8:07
21 Connor Fitzpatrick 9:25

1 Jacob Reeday 5:35
7 George Fitzpatrick 6:15
14 Lucille Pickles 6:55

It was a good night out for Barlick at Catforth 5K with Ian Livesey taking the win, Lee Parrington finishing 3rd and Dan Balshaw 5th. This meant the men easily won the team prize. 

1 Ian Livesey 15:39
3 Lee Parrington 16:47
5 Dan Balshaw 16:53
52 Terry Lonergan 23:13

10 John Boothman 21:45
11 Rachel Villiers 21:53 New PB
22 Laura Craig 24:15 New PB
42 Jenna Boothman 28:15
56 Lucille Pickles 29:48 New PB
69 Graham Wadsworth 32:22 New PB

15 Scott Boardman 21:50
19 Emma Bailey 22:19
38 Daren Holdsworth 24:20 New PB
109 Abigail Park 30:46

Andy Berry Andy Berry Woodentops

6 Andy Berry 45:39