Friday, October 24, 2014
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  • Mid Lancs Cross Country League

    The first race of the new season is on Saturday 25 October at Accrington.  Ladies race starts at 2:00 pm and the men at 2:30 pm.  If you have not already put your name down, let Stephen Chew know and he will make sure that you are registered to run.  The club has paid the entry fees for this series, so it is 6 free races.  As it is a team event, YOU MUST WEAR YOUR CLUB VEST.  Nick Treitl will be there on the day with your numbers.

  • Road Club Championship

    Please note that the last race in the Club Road Championship is full and has therefore been substituted by the Preston 10 Mile on 16 November.

  • Pub Runs

    Please note that these will now include a road run in addition to the traditional off road run.

  • Presentation Night - 29 November 2014

    Please note change of venue

    This will now be held at Ghyll Golf Club.  It will be at 7:00 for 7:30.   The choice of menu is:


    Leek & Potato Soup with Herb Croutons.
    Deep Fried Brie with Cranberry Sauce.
    Deep Fried Filo Prawns with Sweet Chilli Dipping Sauce.

    Main Course

    Roast Beef with Yorkshire Pudding.
    Chicken Breast Wrapped in Ham with Creamy White Wine Sauce.
    Caramelised Onion and Wensleydale Tart.


    Sticky Toffee Pudding & Cream.
    Rich Chocolate Brownie with Fruit Compote & Vanilla Ice Cream.
    Ice Cream Selection.

    The cost is £20.  If you wish to go, please email Rachel Lowther and confirm your order and let her have payment by 22 November.  Her details are on the Contacts page.

  • 5K Mixed Ability Timed Training Run - 9 October 2014

    The 5k timed training has two more weeks left.  Then Andy Berry will use your average times to calculate your pace. Starting on Thursday 23rd October he is going to extend the 5k loop to 7k and set targets for those who have done one or more timed runs.  That way, you can hopefully build up a little more distance whilst holding on to your pace. The 7k runs will take place for a further five weeks and if there is enough demand or enthusiasm for it, a series of 10k runs will follow.  If you want to build on the 5k platform and work towards a strong 10k, then the Thursday night training session is the place to be.  If you are a beginner and and still struggling to complete a 5k run, still come along and your session will be tailored to match your ability.

  • Web Site Gallery

    If we have more than one picture of a race, they are all stored beneath the main race picture.   To see them all, click on the article to enlarge it.  Then click on the picture and it will open up a gallery.  If there is no right or left arrow, then we only have one picture.

  • Club Vests

    If you are wanting a club vest, these are available from the club secretary, Stephen Chew.  The cost is £20 for adults and £16.50 for juniors.  Please do not leave ordering your vest until the last minute, as they sometimes need to be ordered.

Barlick Fell Runners - Reports

Matt Lalor finished 4th in this five mile Lancashire Championship race in a time of 27:20

Jennifer Hird & Rachel Lowther on their leg Jennifer Hird & Rachel Lowther on their leg Woodentops

Barlick are First Mixed Team

Brief report of the day by Andy Berry

The mixed team, comprising Rachel Lowther, Jennnifer Hird, Sarah Tipler, Andrew Carson, Andy Berry and Sam Gibbs, did the club proud by finishing in 88th position overall out of 213 starters and first mixed team.  Their combined time was 4:55:46.

A great run by Julian Hood saw him come home in 2nd place behind Danield Jenkin of Durham City Harriers.  John Boothman was a little way behind him, but he was saving himself for cyclo cross in the afternoon at Broughton Hall.

2 Julian Hood 46:47
49 John Boothman 62:02

Richard Treitl - Back from Injury Richard Treitl - Back from Injury Woodentops

Richard Treitl has been struggling for a couple of months with an injury, but things improved over the past two weeks and he was back out again on the fells in this race.

75 Richard Treitl 50:43

87 finishers.

4 Lee EDWARDS 21:08
8 Dave HALLIDAY 21:51
84 Jenna BOOTHMAN 31:20
85 John BOOTHMAN 31:21

15 Lorna HARGREAVES 23:49

Luke Maude just ahead of Paul Carmen of Wharfedale Luke Maude just ahead of Paul Carmen of Wharfedale Woodentops

13 Luke Maude 48:26
22 Andy Berry 49:45


103 Tabitha Berry 11:17.  Tabitha also won a prize for her fancy dress - see picture in gallery above.

Injury Impaired the training schedule for Michael Alexander, which explains why his time of 4:18:19 was slower than Edinburgh.  However, he still managed to finish the race.

Ian Livesey is continuing in the groove and this week, he managed to scoop first place at this race with a new PB of 34:26.

Craig Child high on Kirk Fell Craig Child high on Kirk Fell Andy Holden

29 Craig Child 55:59

Race Report by Stuart Bryan

Finishing positions and times for the Barlickers:

149  Andrew Driver 3:07:52
182 Dave Halliday 3:14:13
192 Pete Beresford 3:16:22
198 Sturt Bryan3:17:38
214 John Boothman 3:21:41
266 Glenn Whittaker 3:34:09
292 Rob Hodgkinson 3:46:04
298 Chris Smedley 3:48:43

1 Thomas CORRIGAN 18:05
11 Carl PAWSON 20:57
23 Lorna HARGREAVES 24:49

1 Lucas PAYNE 18:24
3 Andy BERRY 18:50
74 Jenna BOOTHMAN 30:21

Andrew Carson had a good run this weekend finishing 6th in this race and on a tough course was only 15 seconds off his PB.

6 Andrew Carson 38:04
110 Gary Parkinson 50:48

14 Charlie Murgatroyd  18:30

Last year, we said that we would improve with more experience of this race and so it turned out.  From our 18th place finish last year, we moved up ten places for a top ten finish - a top ten dominated by some seriously strong teams. 

Marc Hartley & Julian Hood  were our fist leg runners and they handed over in 10th position.  The second leg runners of Stephen Chew and Matt Lalor had the teams in front in their sight and they were already closing the gap on the long upward pull from the change over point.  In the course of the leg, a lot of teams changed places, with one team flying past our runners as they tip toed down the tricky descent from Thornthwaite Beacon.  However they must have passed a few teams themselves, as they handed over in 8th place to Luke Maude and Shaun Chew.  They disappeared up Red Screes into the mist and were not to be seen again until the handover at Sykeside.  They completed the leg in a good time of just over 56 minutes, pulling back another place in the process.  However,  at the handover, there was a problem with the dibber.  As Shaun went to insert his dibber into the machine, he realised that it had fallen to pieces and that the end was missing.  This caused some confusion with the marshals as to what to do and they eventually handed them a replacement and sent them on their way.  However, over a minute in time and two places were lost at the changeover as a result.  Nick Treitl and Jimmy Craig set off determined to regain those positions and found themselves chasing the Bingley last leg pair of Rob Jebb and Ian Holmes.  On the final descent, they came to a gate just behind them and Jimmy jumped the gate to get his nose in front.   Ian Holmes was still hold of the gate when Nick did the same.  It was then a sprint to the finish, with our pair just managing to keep their noses in front until the finish line. 

Our Leg Times and Places were:

10 Marc Hartley & Julian Hood 41:03
8 Stephen Chew & Matt Lalor 1:13:21  1:54:24
7 Luke Maude & Shaun Chew 56:26  2:50:50
8 Jimmy Craig & Nick Treitl 1:17:33  4:08:23

Top Ten Teams

1 Borrowdale 3:39:59
2 Calder Valley 3:42:22
3 Dark Peak 3:50:44
4 Wharfedale 3:58:40
5 Ambleside 4:00:53
6 Dark Peak Vets 4:07:34
7 Keswick 4:07:36
8 Barlick 4:08:23
9 Bingley 4:08:29
10 Westerlands 4:10:03

4 Derek WALKDEN 20:21
6 James FENT 21:04
67 Helen STEAD 29:08
74 Jenna BOOTHMAN 30:27
75 John BOOTHMAN 30:37

16 Lorna HARGREAVES 23:46 New PB