Wednesday, November 25, 2015
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  • Pre-Christmas Run - Wednesday 2 December 2015

    Instead of the usual pub run, there will be the annual pre-Christmas run from Higher Stone Gappe.  The run will be led out By Sam Wadsworth and afterwards, there will be hot food and a barrel of ale.  The cost will be £5 for adults and £1 for juniors.  To get some ideas for the catering, It would be helpful, if you want to come, if you could let me know by email or text.  Details are on the contacts page.  Graham.
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  • AGM - Monday 7 December 2015


    Come and have your say on how the club is run.  The meeting will commence at 8:00 pm in the Cellar Bar.  If you wish an item to be put on the agenda, please contact the secretary, Stephen Chew.  The agenda will be available for download as the above date approaches.

  • Web Site Gallery


    If we have more than one picture of a race, they are all stored beneath the main race picture.   To see them all, click on the article to enlarge it.  Then click on the picture andit will open up a gallery.  If there is no right or left arrow, then we only have one picture.

  • Club Vests

    If you are wanting a club vest, these are available from the club secretary, Stephen Chew.  The cost is £20 for adults and £16.50 for juniors.  Please do not leave ordering your vest until the last minute, as they sometimes need to be ordered.

  • Santa Fun Run - 6 December 2015

    Walk, jog or run a 5K round Barnoldswick - £10.  In aid of Bosom Friends.  Start 11:00 am West Craven School.


Barlick Fell Runners - Reports

The race winner was Steve Swarbrick of Bowland in 35:19 with the first lady, Heidi Dent of Howgill,  finishing 11th overall in a time of 38:18.  Richard Treitl finished 111th with a time of 57:51.

137 finishers.

Hannah Newbold, sporting her new vest, gives chase Hannah Newbold, sporting her new vest, gives chase Woodentops

After much talking and fronting up on Facebook, it was time to see yet again who out of the cyclists and the runners was top dog.  We had Jock, Pete Piestabber, James 'Lego Hair' Fent and John 'Satnav' Boothman on the bikes.  On foot, it was The Smalenator, Andy 'Vice' Berry, Screw, Lucious Lowther, Ballbag Bob, Happy Halliday, Nicky K, Hannah Newby and Pot King Whitbread.  Things were quickly underway and a quick inspection of the course made for bad reading if your a cyclist.  Tom Adams was already well ahead of the rest at mile 1 and carried his fantastic form on with another race record at the front.  The first 6 Runners were back before Ian Taylor started the rush of cyclists.

The Smalenator was pre race favourite, but came a cropper and just jogged round leaving the way clear for Andy Berry to take the Barlick honours.  Next came Screw with Jock in hot pursuit.  Jock took it with a death defying descent in the final field.  Until the results are out, I can't comment further on the race.  We retired back to the rugby club for a quick jar, where on arrival we found out that Chris Barnes had beat Andy Berry in a dash for the line.   One pint of poor Tetleys was enough, so we decided The Airedale Heifer was better prepared for our requirements.  Plenty of banter and rubbing it in about how thoroughly useless cyclists are in the mud.  Jock, for once, had to admit defeat.  It's nearly time to stop shoe horning himself into his Lycra, especially when it's bright snot green.  For once Ball Bag was quiet, which was a blessing.  Looking forward to the presentation next week with this quality set of folk.

1 Julian HOOD 17:16
7 Scott BOARDMAN 20:05 New PB
9 Derek WALKDEN 20:46
13 Jennifer HIRD 21:21 New PB
62 Jenna BOOTHMAN 27:56
86 Susan HIRD 31:07
98 Graham WADSWORTH 32:39


It was Wednesday and once again we found ourselves in the sanctuary of a local Inn.  This week it was The Pendle Inn at Barley.  On this occasion, it was also a multi club occasion with members from Barlick, Clayton, West Pennine, Trawden, Wharfedale, LBT (which I thought was a sandwich), Rossendale and Accy Road runners all competing against each other on a timed training run.  The scene was set.  The wind was blowing right up Boar Clough, so my 2 year old record was in trouble.  Tom Corrigan was the most likely on the night, but he didn't know the course and relied too heavily on the Dynamic duo of Stead and ball bag Bob.  When asked if they knew where they were supposed to stand, both replied with a resounding. "Yes"!  I should've known better, as the first 3 of Corrigan, Berry and Barnes were directed up the shorter route and missed out a considerable distance.  The experienced Kirt Livesey was first to spot the mistake and he carried on to Boar Clough and did the full route.  To be fair it made a nice change from the unholy trinity of Satnav, Palin and Massive getting everyone lost on this most important club day of the week.  The shivering carcass of Big G Wadsworth awaited the arrival of the runners at the trig.  Looking dishevelled and windswept he still managed to take down the numbers in a proper manner, befitting of his Yorkshire roots.  Me and Pagey were talking about the perils of the path at the bottom of the death defying descent down the face of Pendle and not staying to the left and ending up in someone's yard when it soon became apparent that a few of the athletes had done exactly that.  All 26 runners finished just in time as the heavens opened on us.  Straight to the pub for the presentation of the nearest guess of time and run winner.  Run winner was short course Corrigan and he duly picked up his prize of alcohol free wine, only to return it for the guess the time winner to pick up.  We called out the 3 closest, Ian Winstanley must've thought he'd taken the prize, especially as he'd done three laps round the pub car park to get near but keep it realistic, but no.  Colin Moses is a perennial guess the time winner and was walking around the Pendle Inn at this point like John Wayne after he'd just won his latest gunfight. This was more down to his bow legged stance admittedly, but no, not him either, as he was 8 seconds out.  Someone had gone within 2 seconds of his guess the time.  He happened to be having a five fingered knuckle shuffle in trap 1 of the pub toilets, so the tension built.  The expectant crowd of the night run fraternity welcomed him to the main bar with all the sarcasm and abuse that he's become accustomed to.  It was of course everyone's favourite excuse maker, Richard Briscoe.  As he approached to collect his winnings, we got the usual "can't believe it! I fell over 15 times, I got lost, my head torch broke, I can't descend, I'm rubbish on the climbs, it was really windy ..." and that was before he had drawn out his acceptance speech.  Eventually, he realised he had received none alcoholic wine much to the satisfaction of the baying crowd.  If you haven't experienced a night race/timed run it's a cracking night.  It costs a £1 to guess your time and it's always worth a good laugh in the pub afterwards. Especially as even people like Ian Holmes manage to still get lost after all these years.  Keep an eye out on the web site and facebook page for the next ones.  Great value, great camaraderie, low key, no bullshit, just good old fashioned fell running.  Apart from the head torch obviously.

220 Julian Hood 34:07
572 Ian Cocks 38:09 (New PB)
999 Derek Walkden 41:12

Mike Sellors Mike Sellors

You do not hear much of Mike Sellors during the season when he goes off and takes part in the really long races.  But quietly away, he has been doing rather well and has finished the season as 5th man.

Scott Boardman Scott Boardman Sport Sunday

Scott Boardmn turned out for this hoping for a sub 70 time, but the gale force winds and rain dashed his hopes and he finished in 71:24.  Further details follow.

Luke Maude Luke Maude Sport Sunday

Sport Sunday Race Pictures

The race, which was shortened because of the weather was won  by Rob Hope of Pudsey & Bramley in :46:30, with Chris Holdsworth 2nd.  Two Barlickers finished in the top ten, with Luke Maude leading everyone home and finishing 6th.  Tom Corrigan was 9th.  Barlick were 2nd team.   Angela Donlan was first lady back for Barlick.   Positiona and times are:

6 Luke Maude 1:53:54
9 Tom Corrigan 1:55:04
16 Nick Treitl 1:59:13
34 Sam Gibbs 2:03:14
51 Andy Collins 2:09:54
113 Andrew Driver 2:20:52
122 Gary Bradley 2:21:32
147 Petre Beresford 2:25:38
176 John Boothman 2:30:06
177 Angela Donlan 2:30:11
200 Pete Jackson 2:33:49
233 Michael Alexander 2:38:17
261 Lucy Beresford 2:43:12
309 Keith McGregor 2:49:51
318 Lorraine Slater 2:51:20
351 Glenn Whittaker 2:58:32
370 Rachel Lowther 3:02:07
371 Emma Bailey 3:02:10
372 Jen Hird 3:02:11

3 Andrew CHEW 18:52
14 Daniel CHEW 22:00 New PB
64 Gary BAILEY 29:07 New PB
65 Hazel O'HARA 29:28
70 Susan HIRD 30:16
89 Graham WADSWORTH 33:16

1 Andrew CARSON 19:55
7 Chris SMEDLEY 21:32

Jock Boothman was the only Barlicker to turn out for this race and you get the distinct impression that he regretted that decision.  After the Tuesday night training session, he found the up hill going hard.  (Nothing to do with his portly build of course.)    The weather was horrendous and to cap it all  off, his watch went flat.  By the end, he had had enough and he went home without waiting for the results. 

10 Jonathan Boothman 29:12

Terry Lonergan

This was always going to be the "B" fixture on the wind swept Fylde Coast today with hundreds of others running the Windmill 10K over at Lytham. Given that event and the "heavy rain and strong winds" forecast, it was no surprise that just 51 gathered outside the village hall for a short Remembrance Sunday reading and a minute's silence before jogging over to the start.
Fortunately the rain had blown through which was a blessing but it was clear that the last mile into the strong wind would add considerably to the 5k times; and so it proved.

Terry’s  targeted sub 23 minute timing evaporated over the last arduous mile.   23.49 for 31st.

(Catforth, just north of Preston is the venue for Wesham’s Alan Taylor’s Catforth Canter 5k series. A series of 3 Saturday evening races run on very flat, country lanes)

Rachel Lowther - 2nd lady & 1st FV40 Rachel Lowther - 2nd lady & 1st FV40 Woodentops

A bit of a mixed day for the four Barlickers at this race.  On the one hand, Rachel Lowther was 2nd lady and 1st FV40.  At the other end of the scale, Andy Berry was in 2nd place until CP5 when he got lost and was disqualified.  Luckily, this was a DSQ not a DNF and so Stephen Chew still retains a firm hold on the Pete Jackson trophy.

Andy Driver had a good run to finish 15th and the ever improving Pete Beresford also ran well to finish 28th.

15 Andy Driver 1:31:06
28 Pete Beresford 1:37:46
57 Rachel Lowther (2nd lady, 1st FV40)
DSQ Andy Berry

What a windy day for a run, but a good route and great atmosphere.

4 Andrew Chew 37:35
66 Emma Bailey 46:02 (7th lady - 2nd LV35)

8 Chris Singleton 38:33
11 Chris Smale 38:57 (1st V50)
12 Marc Hartley 39:05

Richard Treitl Richard Treitl Woodentops

It was a double for Calder Valley in this race with Ben Mounsey retaining his trophy and Lucy Collins finishing first lady.  The evergreen Ian Holmes was 2nd finisher in the race with Chris Holdsworth of Clayton 3rd.  Barlick only had one runner out today.

213 Richard Treitl 78:25

3 Lucas PAYNE 18:42
4 Andy BERRY 18:44
8 Nicolas KENDALL 20:10
12 Scott BOARDMAN 20:35
17 John BOOTHMAN 21:39
42 Emma BAILEY 23:53
44 Rachel LOWTHER 24:07
65 Jenna BOOTHMAN 27:24
80 Gary BAILEY 29:37
81 Hazel O'HARA 29:40
89 Susan HIRD 30:35
93 Graham WADSWORTH 32:02

This week's pub run took place in Hellifield, home of the famous Craig.  Personally I've not run for 9 days now due to my gammy knee but will hopefully be able to partake next week.  Conflicting reports on the route and new faces in abundance saw a cracking turnout this week for the weekly social.  We had 2 ladies, an Ironman (Keith McGregor, not Mr Stark), Sandamas, Satnav, Massive, Del Boy, Screw, Pete the Sneck, Garhoyle, Palin, Vice and Junior.  Satnav regaled me with his smooth route choice and the fact they didn't get lost.  Then I went to the bar to get a pint of crappy blond and Pete and Keith put me right.  Apparently Boothman's best mate, his watch that Del Boy would struggle to lift, once again came a cropper.  Although the trig point was found, the runners closer to the back had it a lot smoother.  It's a tactic I employ when following John and his mate that I'm now going to start calling Kes, because he resembles Craig Davis on Bo Selecta when trying to find his way.  No Collins this week which is a surprise.  He must not have been able to free himself from the chains in the Cellar this week.  Rob Hodgkinson needs to be making an appearance soon.  Especially after the lamest public display of affection on Facebook last week.  He needs to get the heckling out of the way before I get hold of the mic at the presentation evening.  What has happened to Jack Ingham, the man's a shell of his former self.  He's conquered Blencathra for gods sake!  Hellifield should be a stroll in the park.  Next week, it's Gisburn and dare I say it, Pete Jackson has sorted the route.  This has the makings of a good pub run report.  Pete declared last night that he is reccying the Pub Run on Thursda>  We thought he meant the run, but he meant for beer and food.  Good to see he has his priorities in order!