Saturday, February 28, 2015
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    Please note that these will now include a road run in addition to the traditional off road run.

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    If you are wanting a club vest, these are available from the club secretary, Stephen Chew.  The cost is £20 for adults and £16.50 for juniors.  Please do not leave ordering your vest until the last minute, as they sometimes need to be ordered.

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Barlick Fell Runners - Reports

185 Graham WADSWORTH 36:14
200 Pat WADSWORTH 38:28

9 John BOOTHMAN 20:43 New PB
68 Robert WHIPP 26:27
100 Susan HIRD 30:24

A win for Charlie Murgatroyd in this event, despite going off course twice and at one time, ending up behind Jock.

1 Charlie Murgatroyd 26:27
8 Jock Boothman 27:17
13 Andy Collins 27:55

38 Finishers

Charlie Murgatroyd Charlie Murgatroyd Woodentops

This race was won by Simon Bailey of Mercia Fell Runners, just 7 seconds in front of Tom Adams of Ilkley.

34 Charlie Murgatroyd 46:54

Three  Barlickers braved the windy elements on Blackpool sea front to take part in this half marathon.  Ian Livesey came home in 5th place in a time of 1:18:02.  Dan Taylor, did brilliantly on his overdue return to racing, exorcising his demons from his last race and taking 7 or 8 minutes off his previous time to finish in 1:29:24.

For her second ever race, Jackie Hodgson chose this half marathon.  Her time was 1:45:21 and she finished 40th lady!  Her overall position was 357 out of 1251 finishers.

This a good little 5 mile race with a tough little climb up to Paddy's Pole.  There was snow and ice on the tops and the Barlickers were some of the few runners just wearing a running vest.  Rob Hope won the race in 36:29.

20 Andrew Driver 44:55
58 Dave Halliday 51:12

4 Lucas PAYNE 18:11
8 Aandrew CHEW 18:51 New PB
9 Andy BERRY 19:00
12 Marcus PAYNE 20:26 New PB
74 Gary PARKINSON 25:14
75 James STEAD 25:17
79 Mark NEWBOULD 25:46
140 Helen STEAD 30:03 New PB
155 Hazel O'HARA 31:35 New PB

35 Craig CHILD 23:43
68 Robert WHIPP 26:59
91 Susan HIRD 28:42
108 John BOOTHMAN 31:43
110 Jenna BOOTHMAN 31:44
134 Ruby Rose BERESFORD 39:09 New PB
135 Pete BERESFORD 39:09

A lovely clear night for this race, which ensured that the summit marshal successfully found the trig point.  The first figure to appear looked to be going at a fair pace and it was no surprise that it was the Peter Pan of fell running - Ian Holmes.  After passing the trig, he went over the edge of Pendle and descended in true Ian Holmes fashion - like a stone.  Chewy was chasing him, but the descent put paid to any hopes of catching this formidable fell runner.

Another runner who can always be guaranteed to put in a good performance was Kirt Livesey and he was in third place.  Thereafter followed many of the familiar faces that you expect to see on these head torch runs, but is was especially nice to see U21 James Bancroft and junior runner Cieran Crabtree

Full Results

68 Heather DRIVER 28:02 New PB
77 Susan HIRD 28:36 New PB
81 Angela BOOTHMAN 29:41 New PB
82 John BOOTHMAN 29:43
104 Jenna BOOTHMAN 32:06

1 Matt LALOR 16:44
5 Lucas PAYNE 18:40

Screw Screw Woodentops

26 Andrew Driver 1:07:39
33 Andy Berry 1:09:06
202 Richard Treitl 1:40:01

An amazing day out at Blackpool.  The ladies race saw Jackie Hodgson make her debut in an actual race.  Previously, she had only attended our training evenings.  Wearing her very clean and shiny bright new trainers, she led the ladies team home!  A star has made her first appearance on the running stage.  All the ladies were in sight of each other and Jackie was followed by Emma Bailey, Rachel Lowther and Paula Clark.

In the men's race Chris Singleton set off like he meant business and he maintained his strong classic running action throughout the race.  He was rewarded by finishing 4th overall.  As with the ladies race, the leading men were in sight of each other and Chris was followed home by Nick Treitl, Jimmy Craig and Ian Livesey.

Ladies' Race

35 Jackie Hodgson 27:36
38 Emma Bailey 27:52
42 Rachel Lowther 28:20
55 Paula Clark 29:2

Barlick Ladies - 11th Team Overall.  Barlick Ladies over 35 - 5th Team Overall.

Men's Race

4 Chris Singleton 34:08
9 Nick Treitl 35:05
13 James Craig 35:25
18 Ian Livesey 36:13
42 Luke Maude 38:05
59 Andrew Chew 39:08
66 Andrew Carson 39:48
94 Derek Walkden 41:46
134 John Boothman 45:00
159 Scott Boardman 47:17
183 Robert Jackson 51:42
193 James Stead 55:08
195 Robert Whipp 57:31

Barlick Men - 2nd Team Overall.  Barlick V45 - 16th Team Overall.  The men are Division Three Champions and will be promoted next year to Division Two

Michael Alexander Michael Alexander Sport Sunday

Michael Alexander went up for this trail race at Grizedale.  It was ostensibly a 13 mile race, but it turned out to be 14.6 miles which made for an interesting finish.  He completed the race in 86th position in a time of 2:12:53.  There were 208 finishers.

This is a tough 20 mile race over boggy terrain incorporating 4,000 fit of ascent.   Richard Lowther was up for it and finished as follows:

84 Richard Lowther 3:38:58

156 Starters

A Group of Barlickers before the off A Group of Barlickers before the off John Boothman

A good turn out of Barlickers at Skipton and and a lot of PBs.

3 Andy BERRY 18:43 New PB
4 Andrew CHEW 18:56 New PB
5 Andrew DRIVER 19:07
8 Rob HODGKINSON 19:41 New PB
11 James FENT 19:48 New PB
13 Lee EDWARDS 20:21 New PB
14 John BOOTHMAN 20:44 New PB
17 Lorraine SLATER 21:19
18 Scott BOARDMAN 21:25 New PB
21 James MACDONALD 21:32
33 Emma BAILEY 22:24 New PB
35 Rachel LOWTHER 22:35 New PB
71 James STEAD 25:14
74 Aaron SLATER 25:17
83 Robert WHIPP 26:13 New PB
103 Daniel CHEW 28:07
107 Jenna BOOTHMAN 28:33 New PB
116 Heather DRIVER 29:28 New PB
136 Hazel O'HARA 31:47
147 Susan HIRD 34:32
167 Ruby Rose BERESFORD 39:40
168 Lucy BERESFORD 39:42

12 John BOOTHMAN 21:25
135 Angela BOOTHMAN 31:06
146 Jenna BOOTHMAN 32:28
156 Susan HIRD 35:40