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Juniors Section
Wednesday, 18 April 2018 20:28

Bunny Run Relays - 17 April 2018

Written by
Pos Team Name  Finish Time Leg 1  Time  Leg 2  Time  Leg 3 Time 
9 Tree Fellas  33.25 Carl Pawson 11:31 John Whiteside 10:51 Andy Berry 11:03
28 Ciara 38.09 Tim Chadwick 11:13 Tim Chadwick 12:04 Ciara Duffy 14:52
31 Big Dave, Surfette  the Puddle  38.53 David Mirfield 10:27 Edie Poole 17:16 David Poole 11:10
38 Barlicks Young & Old 39.53 John Boothman  13:07 Victoria Peel 14:16 Zac Kaye 12:30
56 Colli Wobblers 43.58 Jacqi Collins 12:44 Shirley Smith 19:12 Andy Smith 12:02
65 The Young Ones 46.00 Nicola Muller 16:45 Lucille Pickles 15:19 Aaron Slater 13:56
72 Dole Runners 47.24 Jenna Boothman 16:02 Daniel Thornber 14:42 Emma Pease 16:40
73 Lucky Heathers … and James  47.27 Heather Driver 15:51 Heather Mitchell 18:11 James Fent 13:25
75 Jeeve 48.29 Eve Boothman 16:19 Eleanor Moore 14:40 Jamie Fox 17:30
77 Scrambled Legs 48.35 Lucy Creasey 19:01 Richard Starkie 16:08 Leanne Dinsdale 13:26
81 Show Me The Way to Amariloo 49.42 Marie Beech 18:02 Marie Eden 16:10 Tony Duffy 15:30
86 Eggcellent BFR 52.57 Adam Rayner 16:16 Tabitha Berry 19:18 Caitlin Rayner 17:23

Under 9

11 Isaac Reeday 7:07
23 Bella McCredie 7:43
32 Summer Fitzpatrick 8:15
35 Zac Beresford 8:26
38 Oscar Clayton 8:32
47 Katherine Hood 9:25

Under 11 

20 Garth Duffy 9:59
41 George Fitzpatrick 11:20
51 Daniel Hood 12:23
60 Michael Rigg-Moya 13:17
67 Annabelle Hoyle 13:50
69 Lily-Grace Clayton 13:57
70 Ruby Beresford 14:15
80 Alfie Muller 15:05

Under 13
43 Logan McCredie 22:55

Under 15
4 Jack Villers 22:35
64 Ciara Duffy 32:28
72 Connor Fitzpatrick 34:39

Sunday, 08 April 2018 19:39

Pendle Junior Races - 7 April 2018

Written by

It was good to see so many juniors out racing in this event.  Not only that, but there were some great performances from Bella McCredie, Lucille Pickles and Jacob Reeday who all took first places.  A great performance too from Jack Villiers who is always at the front of the race, on this occasion coming home in second place.

6 Bella McCredie 3:40 (1st girl)
7 Harry Driver 3:41
17 Oscar Clayton 4:10
20 Summer Fitzpatrick 4:16 (8th girl)

5 Lucille Pickles F11 5:29 (1st girl)
8 Garth Duffy 5:35
9 George Fitzpatrick 5:36
20 Alfie Muller M11 6:13
25 Annabelle Hoyle 6:23 (10th girl)
26 Taylor Edwards 6:25
28 Chloe Boothman 6:32 (11th girl)
30 Michael Rigg Moya 6:43
38 Max Villiers 7:08
40 Lily-Grace Clayton 7:13 (19th girl)
41 Holly Milligan 7:31 (20th girl)

1 Jacob Reeday 14:46
11 Logan McCredie17:04
13 Harley Treitl 17:24
39 Jody Whitfield 24:19 (18th girl)

2 Jack Villiers 19:44
31 Ciara Duffy 27:46 (13th girl)
34 Aaron Slater 28:24
36 Connor Fitzpatrick 29:12

8 Alex Mason 27:16

Another terrific performance by Jack Villiers saw him take the under fifteen race in an exciting finish, just beating Jackson McKay of Clayton by one second!  Garth Duffy also had a good race finishing 3rd in the under eleven race.

9 Oscar Calyton 5:14

3 Garth Duffy 12:02
16 Lily Grace Clayton 15:58 (6th girl)

1 Jack Villiers 14:31
22 Ciara Duffy 20:14 (11th girl)

Under 9
27 Oscar Clayton 9:19

Under 11
29 Lucille Pickles 12:03
30 Garth Duffy 12:06
57 Lily-Grace Clayton 14:27

Under 15
12 Jack Villiers 16:30
70 Ciara Duffy 25:48

This event was held at Dalby forest and was the North Yorkshire Schools Cross Country finals.  This was the culmination of several rounds covering all North Yorkshire Schools.  

Jacob Reeday ran in year 6 boys and had a storming run.  He was well clear coming out of the woods, finished way ahead of the rest of the field and winning in amazing style.  What a way to win a final.

Lucille Pickles and Chloe Boothman ran in the year 6 girls.  Lucille had a great run and was 4th coming out of the woods, but she got pipped by a couple of other runners and finished 6th.  Chloe had a really strong run, finishing somewhere mid field.


Jack Villiers only started running two years ago and this is his first year as an U15, and this weekend, he had the honour of representing his county in this race.  This reflects the hard work and consistent training that he has put in.  He finished 198th out of 303 in a time of 21:13.

Jack Villiers is learning the art of running towards the front of the race and following his win last week at Sedbergh, he followed it up this week with a 2nd place behind James Bowen of Ambleside.

2 Jack Villiers 14:16

U11 Girls
19 Lucille Pickles 9:55
41 Chloe Boothman 11:12

U11 Boys
4 Jacob Reeday 8:13
25 Garth Duffy 9:32

U13 Girls
29 Ciara Duffy 11:20

U17 Men
13 Alex Mason 29:55

Another great run by Jack Villiers saw him come through and win this race. 

1 Jack Villiers 10:02
19 Ciara Dufffy 13:25 (5th girl)

20 Ciara Duffy 8:12 (5th girl)
38 Garth Duffy 8:57 (29th boy)
39 Lucille Pickles 8:59 (10th girl)

Lucille Pickles was on form for these races and in an exciting finish, managed to come home in first place, just in front of Izzy-Mai Wilson of Hallamshire.

U15 - Two Miles
23 Ciara Duffy 17:27 (7th girl)

U11 - One Mile
10 Lucille Pickles 7:41 (1st girl)
38 Chloe Boothman 9:32 (12th girl)
49 Lily-Grace Clayton 10:27 (22nd girl)

U9 - Half Mile
17 Oscar Clayton 4:52

Another good performance from Jack Villiers who was up there with the leading runners and finishing just 5 seconds behind race winner James Bowen of Ambleside.

3 Jack Villiers 8:28

U11 Girls 
12 Lucille Pickles 8:13
39 Maddison Parrington 9:02
44 Chloe Boothman 9:18
53 Lily Clayton 9:52

U11 Boys
2 Jacob Reedey 6:59
28 Logan McCredie 7:59
43 Garth Duffy 8:19
56 George Fitzpatrick 8:45
71 Michael RiggMoya 9:36

U13 Girls
39 Ciara Duffy 10:11
48 Jenna Boothman 10:43

U13 Boys
59 Connor Fitzpatrick 15:51

U15 Girls
24 Harriet Woodhead 14:49

U15 Boys
10 Jack Villiers 14:09

U13 Boys
25 Garth Duffy 8:17

U13 Girls
12 Lucille Pickles 8:49
17 Jody Whitfield 9:42
18 Ciara Duffy 9:43

U15 Boys
9 Jack Villiers 11:22

For the second weekend running, Jack Villiers has taken part in two races.  Having secured a place yesterday in the Lancashire Schools team, it was once more back to the fells for Jack.  Amazingly, after the effort he put in yesterday, he still managed a podium finish.

3 Jack Villiers 9:50

46 Lily-Grace Clayton 10:18
55 Jody Whitfield 10:33
96 Oscar Clayton 12:08

A few of our juniors were out today representing their local schools in the Lancashire Schools Cross Country Championships at Witton Park.  Jack Villiers had an outstanding performance, not only leading his Pendle Team home, but holding off strong challenges from the third and fourth place finishers to take second place overall.  His reward is that he will be going to Leeds to represent Lancashire in the Inter Counties School Championship.  

Junior Boys
2 Jack Villiers 15:22
68 Elliott Phillips 20:23

Junior Girls
47 Harriet Woodhead 17:35

Year Seven Girls
33 Ciara Duffy 11:10

After his day out yesterday in the Northern Athletics Cross Country Championship, it was back on the fells for Jack Villiers and he was rewarded by coming home in second place behind Ollie Sanders of Helm Hill.

2 Jack Villiers 7:47

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